Membership Benefits

Maritime Super is the largest industry fund dedicated to the maritime industry. With 30,000 members and over $5 billion in assets, we’re committed to building lifelong relationships with members throughout their working lives and into retirement.

Our goal is to help members make the right decisions now to secure financial freedom in the future. So everything we do, is about helping you make the most of your super and prepare for life after work.


Your membership benefits include:

  • Profit-for-members philosophy – as an industry fund, we are run only for the benefit of members. Our members are the reason we’re here and we never lose sight of this.
  • Strong investment performance – our investment strategy is focused on long-term fundamentals and diversification across a range of asset classes, sectors, regions and managers – delivering strong investment returns to members.
  • Competitive fees – our size allows us to negotiate competitive fee arrangements otherwise not available to individual investors or self-managed funds.
  • Range of investment options – we offer a range of diversified and sector investment options giving members flexibility and choice.
  • Quality member education – we help members make informed decisions about super through a suite of member communications, our website, fact sheets, newsletters, seminars and more.
  • Access to financial advice – our network of financial planners across Australia operate on a fee-for-service basis with no commissions. We also offer advice over the phone from a financial planner, at no cost to you. You can speak to a planner about your investment or contribution strategy.
  • Range of pension options – we offer a range of pension products, including a transition to retirement pension and an allocated pension.
  • Lifetime membership – members can stay with the Fund even when they change jobs, leave the maritime industry or retire.
  • Open to family and friends – members can nominate family and friends so they too can take advantage of the benefits of membership.


Making things easy for you

We know super can be complex, so we’re always looking for ways to make it easy for you to ‘get it’ and make the most of it.

In recent years, we’ve aimed to simplify our communications and provide you with access to short easy to read fact sheets online as well as interactive tools like calculators and the investment performance section on our website.

Last year we launched an innovative online annual statement and personalised video for each member – allowing you to explore your benefits along with helpful tips and next steps. Make sure you login to Member Online and check out your online interactive statement.

What’s more, we recently launched a suite of videos that are short, sharp, and easy to understand. From boosting your super, to getting ready to retire, changing investment strategies and everything in between, they’ll help you to understand the ins and outs of your super and get where you want to be. Check out the new videos and have fun learning about your super.


Helping you prepare for life after work

In addition to education publications, seminars and resources online, we’ve launched three new calculators to help you prepare for life after work. You can explore how subtle changes make a difference to your future financial outcomes.

  • Retirement Calculator – explore the level of income you can expect in retirement when you adjust certain variables like investment strategy, target income, retirement age etc and get an estimate of your surplus or shortfall.
  • Contributions Calculator – explore how changes in your contribution strategy impact your future income.
  • Pension Drawdown Calculator – explore the level of income you can expect from your super and how long it may last.
  • Insurance Needs Calculator – explore the level of cover you need based on your financial commitments and dependants


We’re here to help

Along your super journey you may have questions or need help to make informed decisions, we’re here to help you along the way. At any time you can call Member Services on 1800 757 607 with a question and our consultant can provide you with general information or send you any material you may need.

If you’d like financial advice on either your investment strategy in the Fund and/or salary sacrifice contribution strategy, you can ask a planner over the phone. The financial planner will ask you a series of questions to assess your risk profile and financial goals, so allow around 20 minutes for your phone call. So if you just need a little guidance to set you on the right path, you may find this service quick and helpful.

For full financial advice that takes into account your personal circumstances and objectives, we have a network of financial planners across the country you can meet with. Your first appointment is a fact-find session and free of charge. You can call Member Services on 1800 757 607 to make an appointment or send in a request online.